I like to write. Whether it is essays, mathematical proofs, poetry, or code. My published software projects can be found on GitHub. The point of this site, on the other hand, is to share some of my readable ideas with the world. I do not expect that many people will read my posts, so take it as my public notebook.

I studied Theoretical Computer Science at Masaryk University. When it comes to research, I am mostly interested in formal verification and the theory of programming languages. Recently I've grown very fond of logic, proof checking, and Coq.

Overall, my interests are too broad, sometimes I wish it was to the contrary. More information can be found in my CV. If you had been intrigued by what I do, an unlikely event happened and I would be more than glad to hear from you! Just drop me an e-mail or tweet me @fiedlr.

A portrait of Adam Fiedler

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